The Quiz: The story behind the coded coughs which earned Wiltshire's Charles Ingram the coveted million jackpot

A new drama has told the story of a cheating Army Major from Wiltshire accused of duping his way into winning £1 million.

Charles Ingram appeared as a contestant on game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire on 9 September 2001, where he went on to take home the grand prize.

But, following a series of coughs, he was accused - and later convicted - of cheating his way to the jackpot alongside wife, Diana, and accomplice, Tecwen Whittock.

The actual episode in which the deceit took place never aired on TV until a documentary about the case was broadcast after the end of the trial. Credit: Celador / ITV

The three-part drama, which began on Easter Monday on ITV, is based in the sleepy Wiltshire village of Easterton near Devizes and depicts the crime and court case.

The all star cast stars Matthew Macfadyen as Major Charles Ingram, Sian Clifford his wife, and Chris Tarrant is played by Michael Sheen.

Major Charles Ingram was accused of choosing answers based on coughs from the audience. Credit: Left Bank Pictures / ITV

The Ingrams were found guilty of 'procuring the execution of a valuable security by deception' in 2003 after the prosecution suggested that Diana, and college lecturer Tecwen, helped Charles win by coughing to indicate the correct answers.

They were given two year suspended sentences and asked to pay £115,000, including legal fees.

Ingram maintained his innocence throughout his trial, and it left the former Army Major jobless and bankrupt.

The all star cast stars Matthew Macfadyen as Major Charles Ingram, while Sian Clifford plays his wife Diane. Credit: Left Bank Pictures / ITV

In 2007 ITV West Country spoke to Charles as he branched out to become a novelist, writing a book about a terrorists planning a nuclear attack on London.

At the time Diana said she hoped it would "show Charles is not the stupid, bumbling person he was made out to be during the court case".