Family from Cornwall praise ‘incredible’ NHS for saving their baby amid the Coronavirus crisis

A family from Truro have praised the NHS staff who they say went above and beyond to save their daughter’s life.

A month ago, baby Ophelia Rose was referred to Royal Cornwall Hospital where she was diagnosed with a heart murmur and a hole in her heart. She was at risk of heart failure and needed urgent surgery.

The nine-month-old baby was booked in for surgery at Bristol Children’s Hospital on 7 April.

Ophelia Rose’s parents Daisy Starr and Sam Hain needed a place to stay in Bristol so they could visit their daughter but, due to the pandemic, their hotel stay was cancelled.

The pair reached out on social media and hundreds of people offered them free accommodation on the Covid-19 Bristol support group, fortunately the hospital liaison managed to arrange an apartment close to the hospital.

Ophelia Rose’s parents have praised the NHS staff. Credit: Daisy Starr

Daisy, Ophelia Rose's mum said: "They were absolutely incredible in the hospital, there were amazing, they all had all their PPE, they were just being so careful to do everything correctly, keep us all safe, they were just so friendly, so chatty. It was a really good vibe in there, even though they knew for us and for everyone else it was quite a scary time they kept everyone’s spirits high, kept us entertained and stuff, it was great in there…"

The family are now back home. Credit: Daisy Starr

Thankfully the care given to nine month old Ophelia Rose could not have been better and the family are all now back and self-isolating at home in Truro.