Ethan Muggleton was given a birthday to remember after his party at a play centre was cancelled due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

The school boy was left upset when he could not meet up to celebrate his sixth birthday with his friends from school.

So dad, Ryan, asked local police if they could drop by to say hello to Ethan, who wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

The youngster could hardly believe his eyes when two police officers called by his house in Bisley Road, Stroud to wish him a happy birthday.

They even gave him blast of the siren and a flash of blue lights as he waited on the doorstep with younger brother Harrison for what he was told would be a last-minute surprise.

He was so disappointed when we cancelled his sixth birthday that I wanted to do something to cheer him up.

Ryan Muggleton

Ryan says Stroud police station is only five minutes away from where they live so he called them up and asked them if they could call by to wish Ethan happy birthday.

Ryan and Ethan's mother, Hannah Lewington did not hold out much hope when police said they could not guarantee anything and thought the four of them would be celebrating alone.

Ethan with his parents Hannah and Ryan and younger brother Harrison. Credit: Gloucestershire Live

But a few hours later I had a telephone call to say I needed to get Ethan outside because they had five minutes to spare and had just set off... When Ethan saw the police car arrive he was completely overwhelmed.

Ryan Muggleton