Hair cuts for the NHS: Gloucestershire couple shave heads to raise money for medics

A daring duo from Gloucestershire have shaved their heads to raise money for the NHS.

So far they have raised nearly £30,000 for the National Health Service.

Leslie Ferrar and David Unwin took the clippers to their heads on Friday 17 April, which also happened to be David's birthday.

Leslie, who is a volunteer shopper for the elderly, told ITV News they wanted to do something a little different that would 'make people sit up'.

The married couple had to start the process on Leslie's hair using kitchen scissors after the clippers failed to cut it.

It took 90 minutes in total to shave their heads.

David Unwin and Leslie Ferrar before they shave their heads Credit: Leslie Ferrar

Lesley told ITV News they will keep shaving their heads so long as the money keeps rolling in, despite admitting she's a bit cold and may need to wear a hat now.

David even decided to shave his chest.

The couple filmed the whole thing, hoping the video will attract more people to donate.

You can donate through their funding page by clicking here.