'It was like something from a movie' - the Plymouth professor treated by his own students after contracting Covid-19

A university professor from Plymouth who was hospitalised with Covid-19 says he is thankful to be alive and described the ordeal as 'like something from a movie'.

Poorna Gunasekera is now back home recovering and says he is grateful for the NHS staff who saved his life - including some of his own former medical students.

Speaking to ITV News, Poorna recalls the bizarre experience of being admitted to Derriford Hospital's 'red zone' alongside the most critical Covid patients.

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Poorna, who is a professor of biological science at the University of Plymouth, ended up being treated by some of his own former medical students.

Poorna was treated by some of his former medical students. Credit: Poorna Gunasekera

Cut off from his loved ones and with his health deteriorating, Poorna describes going through a kind of 'out of body experience'.

Gradually things began to improve, and after ten days in hospital Poorna is now back home recovering.

Poorna with his partner Hayley. Credit: Hayley Newman

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