PPE stolen from dementia care home in Cheltenham

A gang of thieves have stolen Personal Protective Equipment from a private ambulance parked outside a Cheltenham nursing home.

Wentworth Court cares solely for people with dementia and staff there have been using items such as face masks to protect their patients and themselves from coronavirus.

Wentworth Court cares for people with dementia.


Friends of the home have been quick to condemn the crime on Facebook.

A large number of people left messages expressing their anger and disappointment that such vitally important equipment had been taken from vulnerable people at this time.

People express their shock at the theft. Credit: Wentworth Court, facebook

The home's CCTV cameras captured the group of three suspects in the act and those images have now been shared with the police.

Wentworth Court care home staff convey their message to patients' families during the lockdown. Credit: Wentworth Court/facebook

Gloucestershire Police have issued the following statement in relation to the incident: