Rescued kittens named after historic NHS figures

Three tiny kittens have been rescued from a garden near Redruth, Cornwall and named after key figures from the history of the NHS.

They have been called Nye, after Aneurin Bevan, who founded the NHS; AJ, after AJ Cronin, whose book The Citadel paved the way for the service; and Elizabeth, after Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon.

The three-day-old kittens were abandoned when their feral mother was unintentionally disturbed by a member of the public. The woman then contacted Cats Protection's Cornwall adoption centre.

With the centre only having skeleton staff owing to the current lockdown situation, Ms Jepson has taken on the responsibility for hand-rearing the kittens - one female and two males.

Kitten 'Elizabeth' being bottle-fed Credit: Cats Protection
Kitten 'Nye' being bottle-fed Credit: Cats Protection

The kittens won't be homed until they are at least eight weeks old.