Father and sons from Bristol create short lego movie about love during the coronavirus lockdown

A father and his two sons have taken advantage of the free time they have during the lockdown to make a lego stop motion animation about love during coronavirus - all to support the NHS.

The short film 'Love in the Time of Corona' tells the story of a man trying to take his girlfriend for coffee during lockdown restrictions.

Tom Germain, a primary school teacher in Bristol, describes the short film as a 'romantic comedy with an important message about staying at home' with 'amusing results'.

Tom used the help of his two sons, nine-year-old Luca and seven-year-old Robin.

They spent more than 10 hours across several days using the lego, which was set up on the dining table, to make the animation.

The whole film was created using an iPhone with a special app that takes hundreds of photos and turns it into a stop-motion video.