How mosques in the West Country are preparing for Ramadan under coronavirus lockdown

As all places of worship remain closed during the Covid-19 lockdown, mosques across the West Country have been offering services online to help people pray at home during Ramadan.

This evening (23rd April) marks the beginning of the Ramadan celebrations where Muslims fast during daylight. Usually the community would come together to pray and eat when the sun goes down.

But with the lockdown restrictions, mosques will remain closed and people will have to pray at home.

One Bristol mosque is broadcasting the 'call to prayer' so people can tune in at hone to try and give a sense of community.

The Easton Jamia Masjid are also handing out food parcels to those who may be vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak.

Arif is broadcasting the call to prayer for people to pray from home. Credit: ITV West Country

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar for reflection and to know how it feels to go without.

Muslims fast for approximately 18 hours of the day, and then eat in the evenings.

The social gathering at the breaking of the fast is one of the most important to maintain morale and many have raised concern about having to socially distance themselves from their community.

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One woman said "I get very emotional because it's something that you do and it's something that you share and you just haven't got that feeling when you're on your own."

Hasan Kilic, an Imaam at the Cornwall Islamic Community Centre in Truro, says he hopes people stick to the social distancing rules and pray at home.