I like a tidy house but I've certainly stepped up cleaning at home. But am I doing enough? To find out I spoke to author, influencer and TV personality Lynsey Crombie - better known as the Queen of Clean.

Unlike most people her cleaning processes haven't changed much, but that's because, she says, she cleans so much normally.

Although there are areas where she is taking extra precautions.

People are disinfecting their shopping, I'm being more mindful of that at the moment.

Lynsey Crombie

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"People are disinfecting their shopping, I'm being more mindful of that at the moment," Lynsey says.

"We don't know if the virus is surviving on our cans of tomatoes , so it's good to be practical - we don't want it in our houses.

"I think rinsing with warm, soapy water isn't a bad thing. Things that are wipeable, give them a really quick wipe with a clean cloth.

"If you've got things in a multi packs like crisps, remove the outer packaging and then the smaller packets can go straight in the cupboard,"

In terms of normal cleaning, Lynsey says a two-step process is best.

That means spraying an antibacterial product and letting it soak in for a few minutes, then wipe dry. After that, use a diluted disinfectant and repeat that same process.

She added: "In the first process you are lifting the grease and the dirt, the disinfectant is what's going to kill the germs. Then obviously wipe dry with a clean microfibre cloth."

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Lynsey says you don't need to buy expensive cloths but an alternative is to cut up old towels. Then have a bucket filled with boiled water and disinfectant, and every time you've used a cloth put it in the bucket. When you have enough for a load, wash them in the washing machine at 60 degrees.

She added: "The two step cleaning process is something we should really be focussing on, especially in high traffic areas. Your kitchen, your bathroom, your tv remote controls, pay them a bit more attention.

"Your light switches, your toilet flush - anything where your hand is constantly touching it - these are the things that need extra attention at the moment and need more than just a wipe."

Handles are germ hotspots, she says, but don't spray product directly onto them as it could damage the paintwork or the socket.

And if you haven't got any cleaning products? Lynsey suggests using white wine vinegar, she says it is a good antibacterial product that will fight bacteria and viruses.

Another option is vodka, she says, "If you've got an old bottle of vodka lying around it's a steriliser, so use it."

"Everyone is enjoying cleaning a bit more, number one it's passing the time if you're at home and you've got nothing to do, and I think it's that, yes I've also got that satisfaction in my head that I'm safer in my own home now and that's the reassurance we want to give people - safety in their own home."