Two people who survived coronavirus have praised the staff at the Royal United Hospital in Bath that helped them pull through.

Angie Shell, from Trowbridge, and Hugh Mullally, from Bath, were both admitted to intensive care with severe Covid-19 symptoms.

Angie, who is 61, initially dismissed her symptoms, assuming her illness was caused by a pre-existing medical condition.

I had a cough and hadn’t been feeling well for a little while, but I have lupus and had put it down to that. I went to bed feeling a bit rough, but as the days went on I got worse and we made the decision to call for an ambulance.

Angie Shell

Angie's condition deteriorated after a couple of days in hospital, and she was transferred to intensive care to be given oxygen.

She described the experience as 'very frightening', but says the hospital staff were by her side the whole time.

I don’t know how I can ever thank them enough. If I ever win the lottery, I know where the money’s going!

Angie Shell

Angie, who is a wife and a grandmother, is now back home with her family as she continues to recover.

She says her cough is persisting and she still tires easily, but she's getting better day by day.

Her husband David has praised the staff for their support, not just for Angie but for the whole family.

The staff in the intensive care unit were fantastic. I wasn’t able to visit Angie, so stayed at home waiting for news.

David, Angie's husband
The families of the patients have praised the staff that 'gave them their lives back'

Hugh Mullally, 65, was also treated at the RUH. He fell ill after returning home from a work trip to Europe. Within days of being admitted to hospital he was transferred to intensive care.

His symptoms were so severe he needed help to breath from a ventilator and ended up in a coma.

I was intubated so that I could be placed on a ventilator. Then I was put into an induced coma.

Hugh Mullally

Hugh was kept on the ventilator at the RUH for nine days before he started showing signs of recovery.

Staff gave him a warm send-off when he was eventually well enough to leave intensive care.

When I left the unit, all the staff came into the corridor and gave me a round of applause. I couldn’t believe it. It was very emotional.

Hugh Mullally

His family have thanked the NHS for giving Hugh his life back.

Hugh’s daughter Tara, who has been furloughed from her job, ran a staggering 10km every day he was in a coma.

She managed to raise £5,000 for NHS charities.

The chief executive of the hospital has said he is 'delighted' with the recoveries, and has shared how proud he is of the staff.

I’m delighted that Angie and Hugh are back home and wish them all the very best with their recovery.

James Scott, RUH Chief Executive

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