Wooden hedgehogs which famously adorned roundabouts in Truro have been brought out of hibernation.

The four now-famous hedgehogs named Denzil, Kizzy, Patricia and Cecil were covered in sticks to protect them from the elements back in November.

But now, just in time for spring, gardeners from Truro City Council have removed their coverings so they can help raise the spirits of those making essential journeys in the Cornish capital.

One of the four Cornish hedgehogs. Credit: ITV News

Truro’s Trafalgar roundabout was named the best in the UK last year by the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society (yes there is such a thing), mainly thanks to the hedgehog centre piece.

The wooden hedgehog sculptures are part of the Wild Truro project aimed at making the city more wildlife friendly.

The hedgehogs helped Truro's Trafalgar roundabout win a national award. Credit: ITV News