An independent advisor is being appointed to try and find out why residents in parts of Bristol are being plagued by flies for the eighth year in a row.

It is not known where the flies in Avonmouth are coming from, and this year the infestation has spread to neighbouring areas, including Severn Beach and Shirehampton.

As people are being told to stay indoors to avoid the spread of coronavirus, they say the flies are making their lives miserable.

The Environment Agency has called the issue "a priority" and stated it and the council hope "that the support of an independent advisor will lend new perspective and broaden our search to find the source(s)."

Blighted residents have been trapping dozens of flies every day. Credit: Bristol Live

There are many potential sources of flies, with different species breeding in different environments. Our officers have compiled a list of industries that could create issues with flies.

Environment Agency

Many of the affected homes sit alongside heavy industry, and some local people believe that the number of waste processing sites are causing the problem.

More than 4000 residents have signed a petition demanding action.

More than 4,000 residents have signed a petition demanding action. Credit:

One mother living in Shirehampton has told ITV News West Country of her constant battle to keep the flies from landing on her infant daughter.

One-year-old Neve is harassed by flies as she sleeps in Shirehampton. Credit: Ashley Martin

The baby sleeps and they just land all over her. I'm just sat there batting them off her. They go all over your food, on the top of your drinks, everywhere, all over the kitchen cupboards. Anywhere you can think of. They're just crawling everywhere.

Ashley Martin, neve's mother

Darren Jones has been the MP for Bristol North West since 2017 and, like the authorities, has been lobbied hard by his constituents to resolve the longstanding issue.

For many years we've thought that it's been associated with waste processing at Avonmouth. That might still be the case but this year we've seen a much wider scale problem and we really need to get to the bottom of it.

Darren Jones MP, Labour