Tributes are being paid to twin sisters who grew up in Yeovil but died with coronavirus just three days apart.

Katy Davis, 37, worked as a nurse but passed away last Tuesday (April 21).

Her identical twin Emma had worked as a nurse at the same hospital in Southampton before she was forced to retire on medical grounds.

She died at the same hospital as Katy.

Both were suffering from underlying health conditions before they contracted the virus.

Credit: Zoe Davis

Katy and Emma were both born in Bridport before moving to Yeovil at the age of 8.

They later moved to Southampton to train as nurses.

Younger sister Zoe described the pair as "angels".

"They were just so special and everyone who knew them knew they were special.

"I feel that their love and all the amazing things that they did are now rippling through the country."

They always said that they came into the world together, so they'll go out together, and that's what they've done.

Katy and Emma's sister Zoe