A support group set up by a Torquay man after his father died from the Covid-19 virus is attracting followers from all over the world.

Liam Meyer set up Alone Together on Facebook as a support network for people who have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

People have joined from as far afield as South Africa, the USA and Australia.

Liam was motivated to set up the group after thinking how such a loss would affect people without such a large and supportive families as his.

I thought, what about people who don’t have such a big network as ours? It’s a difficult time, and with this network we can support each other and feel less isolated.

Liam Meyer

Liam's father David, who lived in Chelston, died in Torbay Hospital’s Critical Care Unit.

The 62-year-old retired bus driver had beaten lung cancer in 2003, but succumbed to the coronavirus after 11 days in hospital.

Described as a 'petrolhead', he had worked for Bayline Buses, Grey Cars and Stagecoach before retiring. He loved travelling and DIY, and, most recently, had been caring for his wife at home.

Liam, who works at Torbay Hospital himself, said the response to the launch of Alone Together had been ‘phenomenal’. He posted his own video tribute about his recent experiences.

The numbers are going up every day. My dad was a selfless, caring person. He was a very generous chap, and always put other people before himself. I believe that if he was in my position now he would be doing the same thing.

Liam Meyer