Forty swans rescued after huge diesel spill in marina

On the road to recovery; eight mute swans at a wildlife rescue centre near Tewkesbury Credit: Vale Wildlife Hospital

Eight mute swans are recovering at a wildlife rescue centre near Tewkesbury after getting covered in diesel at a marina.

The birds were brought into Vale Wildlife Hospital after being rescued from the water.

In total, nearly 90 birds were affected, including more than 40 swans. The spill happened at a marina in Northamptonshire, and the Environment Agency is investigating the incident.

Staff at the Vale Wildlife Hospital decided to use their own shower to hose down the injured swans, after hot water ran out in the washroom!

The swans need to be washed several times using Fairy liquid and hot water, to remove all the oil stains from their feathers

Credit: Vale Wildlife Hospital

Once recovered, the swans will be released back into the wild.