Education leaders in the West Country are calling for clarity around the reopening of schools following the Government announcement it is likely there will be a 'phased return' for children.

Schools have remained open for the children of key workers to make sure their parents can keep going to work.

But while most have got used to their new school days there still remains a desire to know what the future holds.

Children are said to be worried around the uncertainty behind when schools will fully reopen. Credit: ITV News West Country

What they are worried about is the uncertainty around what's happening. Like when are we going to be coming back to school, when are they going to see their friends. They are really, really missing their friends.

Jo Arscott, Headteacher

Planning is already underway to determine how coming back to school will be possible.

And although a phased return seems like a solution, there are suggestions it might not be.

Headteachers have already been considering the different options.

Jo Evans CEO, St Christopher's Trust
It may be a while before school corridors are filled with students again. Credit: ITV News West Country

Secondary schools could find it even harder to return to a sense of normality.

Whatever coming back looks like it won't be coming back to normal, coming back to what we were doing before lockdown.

Jon Angell, Principal of the City Academy, Bristol