Vandals target babies' and children's graves in Plymouth cemetery

A number of graves belonging to babies and young children have been targeted by vandals.

After entering Ford Park Cemetery in Plymouth, they destroyed ornaments, written thoughts, prayers and flowers on the graves.

No other areas of the cemetery were targeted.


The vandals are thought to have jumped over the graveyard wall while it was closed over the weekend. Credit: BPM Media

Nearby residents have shared their disgust at the destruction saying it was a “completely thoughtless and shameful act”.

Ford Park Cemetery is looked after by the Ford Park Cemetery Trust and is shut to the public at weekends, but low walls mean people can still get in.

Lee Harvey lives near the cemetery and feeds the birds there as well as keeping an eye out for any untoward behaviour.

The act has been described as 'thoughtless'. Credit: BPM Media

Lee said he believes that if the cemetery was left open the chances of someone spotting and preventing the vandalism would have been higher.

He added “I know people go in to do things they shouldn’t but this is something else. It’s a lovely cemetery and these people have specifically targeted a section of baby graves. The damage is very localised and there’s bits and pieces of debris strewn around.”

The matter has been reported to the relevant authorities.