Whitchurch grandmother left feeling 'numb' and 'lonely' with grief after losing husband to coronavirus

An elderly woman says she's been left feeling 'numb' and 'lonely' at home after her partner died from contracting Covid-19.

Beryl Clark, who is in her late 80s, was told to self-isolate following the death of her partner of 15 years, Ken March, on April 5.

The Whitchurch grandmother then developed coronavirus symptoms herself, which her granddaughter spotted after delivering essentials to her a week later.

Beryl with her partner Ken Credit: Bristol Live

Ms Clark spent nearly three weeks at the Bristol Royal Infirmary but has now returned home.

Ms Clark added that she can't remember much of her first week in hospital, apart from the fact she was in a room on her own and she hated the uncomfortable mask she had to wear.

Her granddaughter, Dani Masters, says that after her partner's death, Ms Clark was feeling numb and lonely, especially as family weren't allowed to see her.