Single parents must not be forgotten warn mothers from Bristol and Gloucestershire

Nehaya Zitawi is homeschooling her daughter Credit: ITV West Country

Single parents say they feel they have been forgotten during the coronavirus outbreak.

They say it's a constant juggle homeschooling children while trying to earn money as well.

One mum - Nehaya Zitawitold - told ITV News she struggles trying to entertain daughter Tia, while also ensuring she is getting adult interaction herself.

It's different because I normally see my dad all the time, I normally see my family.

Tia Zitawitold
Homeschooling is becoming the norm for families. Credit: ITV West Country

After years of working full-time, Nehaya was setting up her own holistic counselling service so she could spend more time with her daughter at her home in Bristol.

But now she is left with no income or time to work on the business.

I have nowhere for Tia to go, her dad is still working so he is not allowed to be in contact with her, which is difficult for her. He is involved with her so he would have her at least twice a week so I could at least work on my business then.

Nehaya Zitawitold

Nehaya received Universal Credit and has been given a mortgage holiday, but support for her new business has been cancelled.

She added that having Tia at home with her means she cannot get another job to support them both.

Julia Hawkins runs the Single Mums Business Network. Credit: ITV West Country

Julia Hawkins runs a Single Mums Business Network, she says she is seeing others who are affected, many who have set up their business in the past year.

A few weeks ago I saw women become destitute overnight. Three of my members have been threatened with eviction and some have been refused a mortgage holiday.

Julia Hawkins
Julia and her daughter have faced problems out shopping. Credit: ITV West Country

Julia added that it is not just working she struggles with, going to the supermarket is also a problem.

We were turned away from a supermarket. I drove away with this one sobbing. It makes you feel like a peasant in society.

Julia Hawkins

Both mothers say they will take one day at a time. Nehaya Zitawi says she will use her skills she had hoped to use on her business, helping her daughter in these difficult times.