Bristol alongside the Caribbean and Algarve in list of best global cities to visit virtually

Bristol is famous around the world for its balloon fiesta. Credit: PA images

It may be a while until we can get on a plane for an exotic holiday abroad, but it appears one of the best places to visit now is closer to home than you might think...

Bristol has been named one of the best cities in the world to visit 'virtually' while the world remains at a standstill because of coronavirus.

Travel information company Rough Guide has published a list of the 12 best global "virtual tourism" campaigns.

Bristol has been awarded a place in the top three, coming third behind Grenada in the Caribbean and the Algarve in Portugal.

Tourist boards all over the world have launched virtual campaigns in recent weeks to keep people engaged with their favourite cities and excited about future trips.

To help us make a decision on what city to visit when sat on our sofas at home, Rough Guide has whittled them down to a list of the best - and it's good to see the West Country in the top three.

We may not be able to do this right now... but we can enjoy the sights of Bristol online. Credit: PA images

Why Bristol?

Visit Bristol launched a campaign at the start of the pandemic which allows you to visit some of the city's best tourist attractions while staying home.

Rough Guide praises the team's efforts, saying the initiative - named 'Bristol from Home' - will "keep you busy for days" until businesses can safely reopen again.

Visit Bristol's Marketing Manager, Jon Chamberlain, said the aim "is to bring a bit of the city into people's living rooms."

Whether you are missing the theatre, Bristol's iconic street art or live music in some of the city's most buzzing venues, there is something for everyone to virtually enjoy.

On Visit Bristol, you can take a wander around Brunel's SS Great Britain, tune into an online broadcast by Bristol Old Vic or take the Banksy Bristol Trail and see some of the artist's world-renowned pieces without having to step out of the front door.

Here is the full list of destinations: