A couple from Totnes have filmed a seal capturing and eating a big fish while taking their 'daily exercise' in the River Dart in Devon.

Ali and Sam Procter Miller say they have been lucky to be able to paddle board in the river from their home during the COVID-19 restrictions. They come out most days but have never seen anything like this.

We were blown away when we saw the scenes unfolding! We have named the seal Sydney and hope to capture him devouring his breakfast salmon again!

Ali Procter Miller
This weird animal in the water is actually Sydney the seal catching a salmon. Credit: Ali and Sam Procter Miller

Not everyone is happy about seals visiting inland waters. The Angling Trust warns that seals could be responsible for wiping out fish stocks in rivers like the Teign and the Dart.

One criticism is that the mammals can catch a big fish and kill it but just eat a bit of it - wasting the rest. We don't know how much of his salmon Stanley ate but it certainly looked like a pretty large meal.

Seals are, however, a protected species. You can find out more about them on The Wildlife Trusts website.