A school in South Gloucestershire for children with complex needs has closed after two members of staff there tested positive for coronavirus.

The Sheiling School in Thornbury has remained open during the lockdown for children of keyworkers' and their most vulnerable students but it's now had to close while all staff are tested for coronavirus.

The closure is expected to be temporary while staff await their results.

The school has been closed while all the staff are tested. Credit: PA

The school said: "The school has been following strict guidance on social distancing where possible, use of PPE and daily infection control cleaning but despite these rigorous measures, two members of staff have, very regrettably, tested positive for the virus. The school will now undergo a deep clean and all staff and pupils will be tested for COVID-19."

The spread of the virus, despite following social distancing rules, has raised concern among some in the sector.

Trystan Williams is the Principle of another SEN school in Bristol - Venture's Academy. He's highly critical of the possibility that schools could reopen to some year groups in June.

I feel that that response is too quick over the next 6 months possibly yes as our children learn new social skills in school as we as adults keep on reinforcing those key points. But to go from such a small number in school to that increase overnight potentially brings added risk to those children, to those families who are shielding and to our colleagues in the education profession.

Trystan Williams

The Department for Education said: “Our first priority remains the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities.

"Decisions over whether children with complex needs should attend school must be taken by local authorities, schools and parents together, using their existing risk assessments.

"Risks assessments should be kept up to date and will be used to increase attendance at schools and colleges while maintaining preventative measures so that children and young people can be safely catered for at their setting.”

The residential homes for children and young people that are run by Sheiling School have been unaffected by the cases and remain open.