Two mobile coronavirus testing centres to open in Bude and Penzance

The mobile stations will be set up in Bude and Penzance. Credit: PA images

Two new mobile testing centres are due to open in Bude and Penzance as part of the Government's coronavirus testing programme.

  • Bude: The Venue, Stucley Road, EX23 8AR - Sunday 17 May

  • Penzance: Park & Ride, Jelbert Way, TR18 3RG - Monday 18 May

The two new stations will be managed by the Royal Marines and are for people who are showing coronavirus-like symptoms.

Bude's testing centre will be open from Sunday until Thursday between 10am and 4pm.

Penzance will be open from Monday until Wednesday between 11am and 3pm.

It's part of a programme set up by the Department for Health and Social Care to get tests for essential workers and vulnerable people in areas where there is "significant" demand.

The mobile facilities can allow for hundreds of people to be tested each day.

Can I get tested?

You can apply for a test if:

  • You're an essential worker with symptoms - including NHS and social care workers

  • People over the age of 65 with symptoms

  • People with symptoms who are going to work because they can't work from home (e.g. construction workers, shop workers, delivery drivers)

  • Anyone who has symptoms of the virus and lives with any of those identified above

You can book your slot for a test here.