West Country Brain Tumour Support charity appealing for urgent donations to ensure survival

A Brain Tumour charity which has support groups across the West Country is appealing for urgent donations to ensure it survival.

Brain Tumour Support based in Thornbury in Gloucestershire, has been supporting brain tumour patients and their families for 17 years but due to the coronavirus pandemic it is at risk of going out of business.

Thus the charity has launched the Together We are Stronger Appeal to raise the funds it needs.

Tina Mitchell Skinner founded the charity after losing her husband to a brain tumour. Credit: Brain Tumour Support

The charity has had to furlough the majority of its staff and suspend much of its service across the country.

It says it now faces the prospect of leaving hundreds of vulnerable people without support if vital funds are not raised in the next two months.

Tina Mitchell Skinner, who founded the charity after losing her husband, said: "It breaks my heart to know that there are patients and families out there that need our help but we do not have resources to support them,”

Richard says the support he received from the charity saved his life. Credit: Brain Tumour Support

According to the charity, there has been a huge increase in demand for its services since lockdown began.

It says lockdown has not only increased isolation for brain tumour patients, but has also delayed many people receiving diagnoses or treatment.

This could mean the demand for the charity's services may increase once lockdown measures are eased.

The charity ran monthly support groups before the crisis like this one in Devon. Credit: Brain Tumour Support

Brain Tumour Support has adapted its services to try and help as many people as possible.

It now offers a limited number of video chats instead of support groups and has managed to keep its telephone support line and on-line support forum open.

But in order to survive and return to its normal services pre the COVID-19 pandemic, it says it urgently needs donations from individuals, organisations and companies.

Mrs Skinner added: "“We are currently working with over 1,500 patients and carers requiring critical and intensive support with many more waiting for help.”

To make a donation visit www.braintumoursupport.co.uk/appeal