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Life under coronavirus lockdown: How families across the West Country are coping

Confused, overwhelmed, surreal and unfamiliar.

These are the words that the Nicholson-Warn family from Stoke Gifford use to describe life in lockdown.

Like so many others, life has changed for them in a way they could never have imagined several months ago.

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Daughter Rebecca is training to be a nurse. She was always due to have a placement in a hospital but the family could never have imagined she would begin her career on the frontline of a pandemic.

You sit down and discuss it, but it's one of those, you have to take your hat off as a parent and say this is a fantastic opportunity, why would you not do it? But as a parent, no amount of cotton wool will protect them. But you tell yourself, not to be selfish.

– Rachael Nicholson-Warn
The Nicholson-Warn family tell Ellie Barker having fun together is key. Credit: ITV West Country

The family filmed some of their weekend activities for us and we learned that they have discovered a newfound love for creating dance routines on popular app, TikTok.

The family enjoy making dance routines during lockdown Credit: Rachael Nicholson-Warn
The family from South Gloucestershire says mealtimes together are important part of lockdown. Credit: Rachael Nicholson-Warn
Piran spends time in his garden with his mum, Ailsa Credit: ITV West Country

From teenagers to toddlers, and life at home brings different challenges.

Piran loves playing in his garden in St Dominick near Saltash, but his mum says she also misses adult company and their friends.

I worry if this drags on, that he won't be able to socialise as well, share or be able to be with big groups of people

– Ailsa Lindsay
Ailsa spends lots of time in her garden with her son, Piran Credit: ITV West Country

Ailsa spends lots of time speaking with her family on What's App, but she worries about the people who were already struggling with their mental health before the crisis.

Neither family knows what life will look like for them, but Piran will keep playing in the garden and Rebecca and Josh will keep dancing with their mum and dad.

They all say this has helped them so far, and that will continue over the days and weeks to come.

Staying at home with dog, Teddy Credit: ITV West Country