Network Rail commits to safety changes at a level crossing in Somerset following death of schoolgirl

Evie Wright, 15, was killed by a train at a level crossing. Her friends have campaigned ever since for safety improvements. Credit: The Wright family

Improvements are to be made to a level crossing in Somerset, where a 15-year-old was killed on her way home from school.

Evie Wright died when she was hit at the Corondale Road crossing in March 2018.

At the inquest into her death in 2019, Network Rail said the crossing met the industry risk requirements - but Evie's friends wanted more and set up a safety campaign - called The Movement.

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Campaigners want warning lights and sounds to tell people when it is safe and unsafe to cross Credit: ITV Westcountry

Network Rail has now announced that significant changes will be made to the Corondale Road crossing. It will be widened, signage will be different and the gate will be altered. The crossing surface will also be made more anti-slip.

The crossing is used by many young people walking to and from school and the aim is for it to be ready for the new academic year.

The eventual plan is also for a bridge to be built in the next few years.

Evie's friends have campaigned tirelessly for changes :

Cllr Catherine Gibbons, who is a cabinet member for Childrens' Services at North Somerset Council, welcomes today's developments :

The Corondale Road level crossing does not have warning lights or barriers Credit: ITV Westcountry

The Movement will now keep up pressure for the footbridge they’ve been campaigning for - as they continue to honour Evie’s memory.

Signage at the crossing will be changed Credit: ITV Westcountry