While the rest of us are starting to emerge from lockdown, little Isla and her family are still abiding by the strictest of restrictions - all to keep her safe.

Isla, from Plymouth, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia back in October and was treated in Bristol Children's Hospital. She needed a bone marrow transplant and after several failed attempts, he finally had it but the day the country went into lockdown.

Isla on Transplant Day Credit: Amanda Hussey

This meant that while Amanda and Isla's dad Dale were able to be with her for the transplant, only one of them was allowed to stay Isla on the ward. Amanda stayed with Isla in Bristol, but in meant weeks away from their son Caben who was in Plymouth with Dale.

Dale, Caben, Isla and Amanda Credit: Amanda Hussey

It was really stressful, because at the start of the transplant, I was thinking, OK, this is going to be so hard but the play team can come in ... but then the play team wasn't allowed in and only one nurse was allowed in, the nurse that was seeing to Isla for that day... I was eating when she was sleeping. It was difficult.

Amanda Hussey
Isla on her 3rd birthday Credit: Amanda Hussey

Isla even had to have her third birthday in isolation in hospital. Thankfully now she is back home with all her family in Plymouth, but they are on full lockdown relying on family and charities to help support them.

Amanda and Isla receiving a Prep food parcel from Hugs from Henry Credit: ITV Westcountry

Plymouth children's cancer charity Hugs from Henry is providing hot meals for vulnerable families in lockdown, despite the fact that all its main sources of fundraising have had to stop due to Covid-19. They are sending regular food parcels to Isla's family.

Having a healthy pre cooked meal is so vital for families, so many families particularly parents do not get the right nutrition when they have a child with cancer because they simply don't have a kitchen or the right places to get food.

Elsbeth Hallam, Hugs From Henry

The charity said many families were struggling to get food deliveries and so they'd realised they needed to find new ways to support them. It's inspiration, Henry, who is now more than five years cancer free, is also having to stay on full lockdown. He urged us all to stay inside to keep children like him safe.

For Isla and her family, they are staying in to keep them all safe. And may do so until a vaccine is found. It's a big relief to mum and dad that at least Isla has her brother to keep her company.

Caben and Isla playing together Credit: Amanda Hussey