Friends who survived coronavirus take part in trial to find potential treatment in Gloucester

Two survivors of coronavirus who met in hospital and have since become friends, have decided to take part in a trial at a blood donation clinic in Gloucester to help fight the virus.

Dave Lewins and Jules Annan met in hospital in Cheltenham but the trial they are taking part in is part of a nationwide effort.

The aim is to investigate if the antibodies in the blood plasma of those who have had the virus, which can give them future immunity, can help others who are seriously ill.

Dave suffered so badly from the effects of the virus he had to be put on a ventilator in intensive care. Credit: Dave Lewins
Jules was treated with a CPAP mask which is used to provide oxygen. Credit: Jules Annan
  • Watch below how the trial works

There are strict medical guidelines on who can donate their blood as part of the trial.

Among these guidelines those participating are checked to see if they have had any recent symptoms, before they fill out a more detailed questionnaire.

Once they have satisfied the necessary criteria, they then go onto take part in the trial.

But Jules and Dave have both been rejected due to existing conditions.

A donor gives blood Credit: ITV News Central

Other people who have had the virus are being encouraged to come forward, as with the trials being nationwide, the majority of blood donor centres are helping to see it through.

For more information on the trial you can visit the NHS website via