Invasion of scarecrows across South West during Covid-19

People in villages and towns across the West Country have used their spare time and creativity to create scarecrow trails during the lockdown.

People living in Nailsea have used their spare time during lockdown to create a massive Scarecrow Trail across the North Somerset town.

It started off as a fun way to pass the time but has become something quite magnificent. 300 scarecrows have gone on show outside people's houses, in their windows and - well - anywhere the residents could find space for their new friends.

Many of the creations have a lockdown theme - with key workers and NHS staff being a popular subject.

One scarecrow-maker has created their own version of Carole Baskin, one of the stars of Tiger King, a Netflix series that is all the rage at the moment, while another has made one of Roald Dahl's Oompa Loompas - reminding us of the importance of chocolate during lockdown.

Clockwise - Colonel Tom, Barry the Burglar, Elsa and Anna, Boris and baby Wilfred, Lockdown Airways, Agoraphobic Andy, Bike crash, Bobby on the Beat Credit: Nailsea's Lockdown Scarecrows

Colonel Tom Moore, who has raised millions of pounds for the NHS, has featured in a number of scarecrow trails across the West Country. This one, which has him sitting down for a change, was created by Danie Luke.

She says the war veteran model is "Making good use of my son’s suit. He won’t be wearing it to the wedding we were due to go to in July and it will be too small next year!"

Clockwise: Lockdown Bride, Nowhere to Hide Wallies, Florence Forget-Me-Not, Rona Credit: Nailsea's Lockdown Scarecrows

One of the stars of the Nailsea trail is Florence Forget-Me-Not. She is staying at Argentum Lodge Care Home in Silver Street. Laura Croft says "We chose her name as in Florence Nightingale and the Forget-me-not flower, which is the symbol used for people living with dementia."

Clockwise: Doctor, Humpty Dumpty, Gruffalo, Superman in disguise, Sloth Credit: Nailsea's Lockdown Scarecrows

Many of the Nailsea scarecrows reflect on Government sayings during the coronavirus crisis. Humpty Dumpty, sat on a wall in Moorfields Road, has a sign saying "Don't be a numpty! Stay home like Humpty Dumpty!". We haven't spotted one playing on the current 'Stay Alert' theme!

The trail was the idea of beauty salon owner Gina Gregory, whose son was upset that this year's Winford Scarecrow Trail would be off limits because of the lockdown. She didn't expect it to take off the way it has. She has created a map and people are being encouraged to make donations to the local community.

Judging will take place this Friday, 22 May 2020.

  • [Scarecrows take over Cornish village to support key workers during Covid\-19](http://Scarecrows take over Cornish village to support key workers during COVID-19)

Visitors to Beer are not welcome - unless they are scarecrows of course! Credit: Visit Beer

The village of Beer in East Devon is famous for its coastal walks but is trying to discourage tourists from its picturesque streets to stop the spread of Covid-19. It is, however, holding a Scarecrow Hunt starting on Saturday 23 May and continuing all week.

Clockwise: Lifeboat crew, Joe Wicks, Nurse, Pirate, King, Barrel, Joe Exotic, Lockdown girl, Oriental couple, Lert. Credit: Visit Beer

The show, Tiger King, also features in Beer's collection of scarecrows with Joe Exotic chilling out with a tiny toy tiger. Joe Wicks, famous for keeping the country's children fit with his online PE lessons, is also there and, yes, a Lert does make an appearance, playing on Boris Johnson's 'Stay alert' message.

Welcome to the scarecrows of 'Costa Del Milborne'. Credit: The Spirit of Milborne Port

The village of Milborne Port in South Somerset is holding a Scarecrow Week starting on Bank Holiday Monday, 25 May with judging taking place on Thursday 4 June. The theme is 'Anything Goes' and organisers say it's "not so much a competition as a celebration". The winner gets to switch the village Christmas lights on as part of their prize.

The Winterbourne Scarecrow Trail was inspired by the hugely successful Gromit Unleashed fundraiser. Credit: PA

The idea for a scarecrow trail in Winterbourne near Bristol came soon after the start of the Covid-19 restrictions. When Kay Harris realised her daughter Amelia would be having a 'lockdown birthday' they wondered how to celebrate. They remembered the Gromit Unleashed trail in Bristol and decided to do something like it to entertain people on their daily exercise.

More than 200 scarecrows have now popped up over the village - find out more here.