A jogger has been caught on camera kicking out at cars close to a busy beach in Cornwall.

It comes as eased coronavirus restrictions and sunny weather have seen people flock to the county's beauty spots after weeks of a strict lockdown.

This was the resulting damage after the jogger kicked one vehicle. Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM Media

Pawel Pasich, who lives in Plymouth, was enjoying his first trip outof the city on Wednesday (May 20) when he took pictures of the jogger on his dashcam.

  • Watch the moment below

The video clip was captured along a lane near Tregantle Beach in Torpoint.

It shows a man jogging when he stops and repeatedly kicks a grey Mazda.He then continues, and is believed to have done the same to Mr Pasich’s vehicle.

Mr Pasich, 39, said: “This was the first-time we have been out, asidefrom shopping, as a family in two months and I was expecting a niceafternoon, but this ruined the whole day.”

I thought it would be good to go on a Wednesday because it would be quiet and because of the steep walk to the beach it’s usually not too busy anyway.

Pawel Pasich
Further damage caused by the jogger. Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM Media

Mr Pasich said he wasn't sure why the jogger targeted the two vehicles as they both had local number plates. However, he thinks it might have been a local angry with where they were parked.

I could understand if another driver was annoyed at people being parked too closely to their side of the road but this was a jogger just running by.

Mr Pasich

A police spokesperson said: "Police have been investigating a reportthat a man was vandalising cars by kicking them in the area ofTregantle Beach, Torpoint, early evening on Wednesday 20 May."