Another cool-feeling day on Saturday with blustery showers but thereafter it'll become fine, sunny and increasingly warm.

A deep area of low pressure to the northwest of the UK has brought today's brisk winds and lower temperatures. It'll also bring showers on Saturday but high pressure takes control from Sunday to give a return of some settled and sunny weather.

Bright and breezy for the rest of today, with skies staying clear for most of the night. However, scattered showers will arrive before dawn, often heavy and blustery as winds stay brisk. Another mild night too, with temperatures staying in double figures.

Sunshine and blustery showers will continue through most of Saturday. You'll be lucky if you stay dry but the showers are moving through quickly on those brisk winds. It also looks as though it'll turn drier through the afternoon. Highs of 17 or 18 degrees so feeling similar to today.

Drier and brighter on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, with lighter winds and temperatures picking up into the low twenties again. A bit cloudier on Tuesday but still feeling warm.