Devon County Show knitted bunting doubles existing Guinness World Record

The Devon County show has measured the longest line of knitted bunting in the world.

79,001 knitted flags were created by thousands of contributors from across the world and has more than doubled the amount made by the previous record-holders.

A continuous line of bunting was laid out across the floor space of Westpoint Arena in Exeter.

The measuring was done with a measuring wheel, recorded and verified by Will Morrison, a chartered surveyor from Exeter and witnessed by three adjudicators - Lord Devon, Cllr Phil Twiss and TV Presenter and crafter Kirstie Allsopp.

The local community will be invited to see the bunting on designated evenings throughout the summer. Credit: ITV News

Deborah Custance Baker, Chief Steward for Crafts & Gardens at Devon County Show came up with the idea and lodged the attempt with Guinness World Records.

She said: "The crafts and garden marquee is one of the most popular sections at Devon County Show and all of our stewards and visitors are really hands-on.

"Every challenge we've set them so far, they've not only succeeded in achieving, but have blown our expectations out of the water.

The bunting is no exception. We cannot believe people' s dedication and commitment to the task.

We thought we might just beat the existing record but doubling it is a truly astonishing feat."

Credit: ITV News

The bunting was due to be suspended inside the crafts and gardens marquee at Devon County Show.

As the 2020 show had to be cancelled, the bunting will remain in Westpoint until September.

The local community will be invited to see the record-breaking bunting in its full glory on designated evenings throughout the summer.

Before the record can be made official, all documentation must be logged and verified with Guinness World Records.