Devon MP says he 'wouldn't have made the same decisions' as alleged lockdown breacher Dominic Cummings

The East Devon MP has expressed his opinion on the allegations of a lockdown breach by the Prime Minister's chief aide. Credit: Simon Jupp MP / PA images

A Devon MP has said he "wouldn't have made the same decisions" as the Prime Minister's chief aide, following allegations he broke lockdown rules.

Simon Jupp, the Conservative MP for East Devon, has spoken out about the controversy in a message to his constituents on social media.

Mr Jupp said, "If placed in the same situation I wouldn’t have made the same decisions and would have since considered my position."

Dominic Cummings is still facing calls to resign despite insisting he acted "reasonably" after driving 260 miles from London to Durham in March.

The local MP said to people he felt "anger, disappointment and frustration" at the claims in recent days.

We are all making significant sacrifices and coping with situations we couldn’t imagine just a few months ago. Many of us, including myself, have lost people in our lives and haven’t been able to see family and friends. It’s been incredibly tough for everyone.

Simon Jupp MP

Mr Jupp admitted he believed Mr Cummings' actions "were motivated by a father's desire to do what he felt necessary to protect his family".

But, he continued, "...if placed in the same situation I wouldn’t have made the same decisions and would have since considered my position."

Mark Harper, the MP for the Forest of Dean, believes Mr Cummings should resign. Credit: ITV West Country

Mr Jupp isn't the only West Country MP to give their opinion on the allegations.

Mark Harper, MP for the Forest of Dean, said Mr Cummings "should have offered to resign".

On Mr Cummings' first alleged trip to Durham, Mr Harper said: "In the round, an argument can be made for Mr Cummings' trip to Durham and his actions as a father.

"However, the conclusion he reached as to whether this was the right course of action is not the conclusion I believe many of my constituents and people across our country would have reached.

"It is certainly not the conclusion I would have reached, given the sacrifices many are having to make in the interests of the nation's health."

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Bath MP Wera Hobhouse has expressed a similar view.

In a statement Ms Hobhouse said "Boris Johnson needs to show some leadership and sack Cummings, to demonstrate that the rules are for everybody."