Gloucestershire family transforms quiet quarry into focal point for families with dinosaur designs

The Booker Family has created in dinosaur designs in a disused quarry on Selsley Common Credit: ITV West Country

A family has created a gallery of dinosaurs made from loose rocks in a disused quarry on their daily walks during the coronavirus lockdown.

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The Booker family has walked almost every day in lockdown.

Their visits to Selsley Common near Stroud started off as a chance to stretch their legs but soon turned into something much bigger.

Each dinosaur has been put together using hundreds of pieces of Cotswold stone by James, Emily and their two children Thomas, six, and Olivia, three.

The largest of the creations is the T. Rex which is 20ft long.

I think the T Rex took nearly two weeks to perfect, the original one was horrendous, it looked nothing like a dinosaur, so it was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing each day. Emily termed it as obsessive, I said attention to detail!

James Booker
The view from the ITV West Country drone. Credit: ITV West Country

The family hopes the landmarks will remain in place after the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, so that people can add to their creation and look back on it with fond memories.