The Government is expected to release more details about its much anticipated test and trace strategy for helping manage coronavirus will work.

In the next few days 25,000 contact tracers will start work, they'll include medics and call handlers.

Their role will be to take any new positive test for the virus and try and trace everyone who has come into contact with the infected person, they'll then judge the risks that those people may also have the virus even without symptoms, and those deemed to be at risk will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

The tracers will explain the rules to those who need to isolate as well as how long and, should they develop symptoms, then they will be able to organise a test.

Ministers say if this system is effective then it will help allow further easing of the lockdown restrictions around the country, as track and trace will be able to kick in to try and stop small very local peaks in the virus from spreading.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said, "We will have local lockdowns in the future where there are flare ups and we have a system that we are putting in place with a combination of Public Health England and the new Joint Bio-Security Centre... to make sure of there is a local flare up we have a local lockdown. Local lockdowns will be part of the future system that we put in place as part of the NHS test and trace system."

This means that should there be a virus 'hotspot' in a particular town, street estate, business or school then a lockdown could be placed in a small area for a short while to try and stop the virus spreading further in that small area, whilst the rest of the country can go about its daily life with slightly fewer restrictions.

The track and trace app. Credit: PA Images

Boris Johnson has said that the system will be in place by Monday 1 June, which is the day that some whole year groups (Reception, Years 1 & 6) are expected to start going back to school in England.

Whilst the two dates aren't officially linked it is hoped that it will help reassure any parents and teachers who're anxious about going back into the classroom.

Eventually to go alongside this will be a contact tracing app that anyone with a smart phone will be asked to download. It will log the phones of anyone we come into contact with for a certain amount of time.

Should any of the test positive for the virus then if we have been close enough to them for a reasonable amount of time then we will be asked to self isolate. The app is being tested on the Isle of Wight now and could be rolled out within weeks.

The whole track and trace strategy will be with us for a long time as we learn to live with Covid-19.