Dunkirk remembered - a Cornish survivor relives his journey through France to safety

Stan Chappell while he was serving in the Army Credit: Stan Chappell
  • ITV West Country reporter Jacquie Bird spoke to Stan about his memories.

Stan Chappell was just 19 at Dunkirk. His work at Avonmouth Docks had given him a thirst for travel and he'd tried to join the Navy when he was 16.

But his father wouldn't sign the papers to let him go. Instead he lied about his age and joined the Army - only telling his father when it was too late. He then went to war.

Stan Chappell and friend during the war Credit: Stan Chappell

When he got to Dunkirk, Stan decided to build a raft to get out to sea. But the one he and his mates built was too heavy to move.

So he drove a bren gun vehicle into the sea to tow the raft out.

These are Stan's remarkable memories of his journey through France to his rescue from Dunkirk.