The RSPCA says it's facing a cat crisis. Since the start of lockdown, more than 350 incidents involving cats have been reported to the charity's hotline across the West Country.

There is always an influx of kittens at this time of year but lockdown means that it is harder for owners to neuter their pets and the charity’s experts fear they will see even more unwanted litters coming through.

A tiny kitten, who was rescued by an RSPCA officer after being discovered at an industrial estate in Salisbury, surprised animal carers at Bath Cats & Dogs Home after she completely changed colour.

The team initially thought she was completely black - until they gave her a bath. She has now been named Sootie and is getting ready to move to her new home.

Sootie before and after her bath Credit: RSPCA

We understand that many owners may not be able to get their pets neutered at the moment as vets are prioritising emergencies. We would urge anyone with an unneutered female cat to keep them indoors. If you have a male/female pair or really can’t keep your cat inside, do call your vet to discuss options.

Dr Samantha Gaines, Head of the RSPCA’s Companion Animal Department

These newborn kittens were rescued by RSPCA Inspector Jo Daniel in Somerset after they were found outside the Morrisons distribution centre in Bridgwater.

The inspector has been hand rearing the kittens - named Scrumpy and Marmalade - at her home throughout the lockdown with a little help from her family.

Scrumpy and Marmalade Credit: RSPCA

Samantha added: “Our frontline officers will continue to rescue as many cats as we can and our animal centre staff, hospitals and branches will carry on caring for the many cats coming into our care throughout the crisis.

"We rely on donations from our generous supporters to carry out this vital work and need their support now more than ever as our services become stretched to the limit."