Barbecues, bonfires and beers: eased lockdown fun in the West Country sparks fresh warnings

Fire crews have responded to a significant number of calls relating to disposable barbecue fires. Credit: Wareham Fire Station / Twitter

Fire crews across the West Country have been tackling fires caused by disposable barbecues, despite urging people not to use them.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service responded to 52 calls on Saturday night (30 May) - all related to bonfires and barbecues.

It comes just days after the service told members of the public the fire risk is extreme because of the warm weather.

An area manager from the fire service said on social media that "the message is simple but doesn't seem to be getting through".

The service also said it is "wasting valuable resources and money" when attending "unnecessary calls regarding irresponsible disposable of BBQ's and out of control bonfires."

People were also told it puts the lives of firefighters at risk.

Today (Sunday 31 May) crews have already been called out to forest fires on the top of Langdon Hill, caused by barbecues.

Crews from Wareham Fire Station had to extinguish multiple disposable barbecue fires at Wareham Quay.

Wareham Fire Station responded to several calls on Saturday. Credit: Facebook / Wareham Fire Station

Clevedon Fire Station shared pictures of the fire that team members there had to tackle in the woods near Cadbury Camp Lane.

They took to Twitter to remind members of the public to be "extra careful".

They also said "inconsiderate parking" meant the crew attending the fire was delayed.

Ahead of the weekend people were asked by fire services not to use disposable barbecues. Credit: Twitter / Clevedon Fire Station

One firefighter from the region has reminded members of the public that their actions can have devastating consequences for wildlife.

Andy Elliott posted a series of photos on Twitter appearing to show animals that have died as a result of out of control fires.

As well as disposable barbecues and bonfires, pictures on social media show the large amounts of litter being left by some people enjoying the sun.

One Twitter user posted a snap of the litter left behind by people on Bristol's Harbourside.

It is a popular spot in the city when the sun is shining and with the lockdown easing, people have been flocking there to enjoy the nice weather.

While most appear to stick to social distancing guidelines and clean up their rubbish, there are concerns that not everyone is.

This picture was posted on Twitter on Sunday 31 May. Credit: Twitter / @missmelosborne