Cornish fisherman catches live deer swimming at sea

The deer was caught at see off the Cornish coast. Credit: Jeremy Richards

A fisherman from Cornwall has described the moment he caught the most unusual catch of his career - a live deer at sea.

Jeremy Richards was sailing off the Cornish coast near Porthleven when he spotted the roe deer swimming in the sea.

It is believed the animal - nicknamed Bambi - entered the water after falling off a cliff at Gunwalloe.


Jeremy managed to safely catch it in a net and bring it ashore before passing it over to the RSPCA.

Describing it as "an unusual afternoon", Jeremy wrote about the discovery on Facebook saying: "Little thing is tired but otherwise in good health I think.”

The deer (circled) was being followed by a large seal, according to Jeremy. Credit: Jeremy Richards

He added it was being followed by a “large seal” when they found it in the water.

Unable to release the creature back onto the beach, as there were too many people, Jeremy took it back in his boat to Porthleven and called the RSPCA.

He and friend Ben Warden kept it covered in a blanket while they waited for an officer to come and take it away.

It was later released back into the wild - a sweet moment that was filmed by Jeremy’s niece, Emma.

You can watch the video below: