North Somerset Council say there is 'better access to testing' following spike in cases at Weston General Hospital

Investigations are continuing into an apparent spike in positive coronavirus tests in North Somerset and in particular at Weston General Hospital.

It is still closed to new admissions while officials test or retest staff and patients at the site. It is thought that the results could be released on Tuesday, 2 June or Wednesday, 3 June.

The hospital has been closed to new admissions as a precaution for more than a week, initially closing on Bank Holiday Monday.

Whilst the potential outbreak is investigated schools across North Somerset have not opened to pupils.

The plan across England was to welcome all Reception, Years One and Six pupils back on Monday but that has been delayed in North Somerset by at least a week.

Gary Lewis, the chief executive of one of the school trusts in the West of England, says the decision had to be made based on current information.

The rates of infection across the whole of the West Country are very low and North Somerset is no exception in that, with rates below the UK average.

However it is clear that in the two weeks up until Sunday 31 May, North Somerset had a significant amount of the positive Coronavirus tests in the region with neighbouring Somerset coming second - far higher than other parts of the South West.

During the same time frame Torbay, for example, had no positive tests reported.

Credit: ITV News

Local MP and Doctor Liam Fox says that he is pleased schools have been cautious about reopening, however he is hopeful that the outbreak isn't happening in the community.

North Somerset Council says there is now much better access to testing in the area.

They say: "North Somerset, like the rest of the South West, started from a very low rate of cases so was always likely to rise. Our rate is still well below the England average."