UK weather forecast: After today's sunshine we'll see something cooler, breezier and wetter cross the West Country

Make the most of today's warm sunshine because we're expecting a change from tomorrow with lower temperatures, brisk winds and some showers.

A front will work its way southwards across the UK later today, bringing colder air behind it and a number of showers on Wednesday. Low pressure will then be in charge of our weather for the rest of the week.

However, the rest of today will stay warm and sunny, and it'll stay clear through the evening. Cloud will increase overnight though, bringing outbreaks of rain from midnight to many places. Temperatures will only fall to 13 degrees.

Further spells of showery rain will continue through much of Wednesday, often heavy, but parts of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset might become a bit drier in the afternoon. It'll feel much colder too with highs of only 16 Celsius - a drop of 10 degrees from today!

There should be fewer showers on Thursday and Friday but Saturday looks wetter again. Winds will remain brisk and temperatures will stay in the mid-teens.