Driving instructor from Cornwall describes the difficulties facing her industry because of the pandemic

Credit: ITV West Country

A driving instructor from Cornwall has told ITV News about the difficulties facing her industry because of the pandemic.

Carol Truscott from St Austell has been a driving instructor for 20 years.

The impracticalities of social distancing in a vehicle mean she is unable to teach any of her usual clients.

Credit: ITV West Country

Instructors are currently only teaching key workers who need to train for essential roles.

Like many of her colleagues, Carol is not prepared to take that risk.

She says she is unsure how the industry can return to normal.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency says it understands "how challenging the current situation is for the industry but our top priority is to stop the spread of coronavirus and keep everyone safe".

Credit: ITV West Country


The current guidance does not specifically allow for a family member to give a lesson to a learner driver.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency said private practice should only be considered if learners are preparing for an essential driving test.

It also says it will continue to work closely with driving instructor associations on how and when it can resume driving tests and lessons.

Driving tests are still suspended until at least 20 June.

You can find more information on Government guidelines for driving instructors here.