The opening of a new purpose-built school in Exmouth for deaf students from across the South West has been delayed because it was not quite finished before the coronavirus lockdown.

Credit: The Deaf Academy

The Deaf Academy packed up and moved out of its old buildings in Exeter before Easter.

But, as the building is already being knocked down, the school is now homeless until the new campus is ready.

Learning is being done remotely until the academy can secure a new premises.

The world has turned a bit upside down and actually our priorities right now are to stay connected with our young people, keeping everybody safe, whether it be staff or students.

Sylvan Dewing, Principal
Students who normally have close-contact education are facing big changes because of the delay.

Most of the learning is being done remotely but communicating online using video conferencing software is not easy when you use British Sign Language.

The online learning is quite hard actually because everyone's in a little box on the screen, trying to sign. It is tiny and 2D so it's quite hard.

Tom Bowden, Deaf Academy student