Pilot draws massive smiley faces in sky over Bristol

One of the giant smiley faces pictured over Bristol.

A pilot had an entire city looking to the skies after drawing two giant, smiley faces over Bristol.

Richard Goodwin took off from Cheltenham and travelled south to Bristol on Tuesday 2 June evening, where his drawings were seen from miles away.

He drew the first face over Almondsbury in the north of the city, before drawing a second over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and a third over the village of Wedmore in Somerset.

You can watch video of one of the faces being drawn over Bristol below (credit: @RealFloppyLion/Twitter):

Richard Goodwin said he did it to put a smile on people's faces and to remind them of "the light at the end of the tunnel".

Social media was quickly flooded with pictures and videos of the faces, which were made more visible by the pleasant evening sunshine and blue sky.

Chris Woodward, whose company Anana sponsors Mr Goodwin, said he hoped the faces would “cheer people up”.

The fun-loving pilot, who regularly supports aviation charity Fly2Help, performed a similar stunt in the skies over Gloucestershire two weeks ago.

He said at the time he was glad to have given people something to smile about.