Non-essential shops across the West Country are preparing to implement social-distancing when they reopen their doors on 15 of June.

The Government has made a series of recommendations to retailers.

This means that shopping will be a very different experience for customers than they may be used to.

Credit: ITV West Country

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway is the biggest shopping centre in our region.

Sam Mangat went to see how the centre is adapting to the Government guidelines:

The Government has advised retailers to aim to "minimise the contact resulting from visits to stores or outlets."

This means that there will be queues outside shops and a limit on the number of people allowed in at any one time.

Many retailers are introducing one-way systems and asking customers to avoid handling products when browsing.

People are being advised not to touch because that will bring along a whole process of quarantining and making sure that that item is safe for the next person that comes along.

Deborah Jones, Centre Director, The Mall At Cribbs Causeway
Credit: ITV West Country

Facilities such as toilets pose an additional challenge for retailers which have had to install signage and block off some areas to encourage people to keep their distance from one another.

Credit: ITV West Country

Many changing rooms will be closed with makeup counter sampling also shut.

The Government has also recommended measures for returned items, including "picking-up and dropping-off collection points" to avoid passing purchases hand-to-hand, staggered collection times for online orders, and contactless refunds.