A woman from Plymouth went outside for the first time today after spending three months inside her flat.

Chrissie Hine, aged 70, has a number of health conditions, including asthma, diabetes and COPD, so she's been isolating at home on the top floor of a tower block.

But at last she has been able to get some fresh air - and it was a big moment.

It felt emotional. I was like 'This is what I've been missing'. And even though it feels cold and it's breezy, it's like a Godsend to me. It's really good.

Chrissie Hine

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Chrissie Hine left her flat for the first time in three months. Credit: ITV News

Over the past few months Chrissie and hundreds of other tenants have had to put up with their tower blocks being encased in scaffolding, as the virus has caused building work to overrun.

Chrissie says it has felt like a prison sentence.

I really tried to think what it would be like in prison. Then I thought at least I can move around, nobody is slamming doors on me, nobody is telling me when to eat or when to go to the toilet or anything. So I am better off than in prison!

Chrissie Hine
Chrissie lives on the top floor of one of Plymouth's tower blocks. Credit: ITV News

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John Clark, chief executive of Plymouth Community Homes, says the scaffolding should be removed by the end of this year.

He says PCH has 'always had a good relationship' with tenants and he understands their frustration.

Tensions are high, people are feeling frustrated. I'm sure they would have wanted more but we are limited as everyone else is to what support can be provided in these difficult times.

John Clark, Plymouth Community Homes
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