Along with many of us at home, the team at Goonhilly Earth Station on the Lizard Peninsula have been redecorating and sprucing up their satellites using specialist tools and a lot of paint.

It's taken over 2,500 litres of paint to cover this whole structure, you could paint a few bedrooms and dining rooms with that, and we’ve replaced over 10,000 nuts and bolts on the dish. We’ve been using the opportunity and the beautiful weather to get on top of the maintenance on the antennas.

Ian Jones, CEO, Goonhilly
Two people paint the dish of Goonhilly 6. Credit: ITV News

Goonhilly Earth Station has been busy, not only with maintenance and their routine satellite communications but also with historic projects like tracking the first SpaceX human space launch at the weekend as it made its way to the International Space Station (30th-31st May).

At 4.49.06 in this SpaceX video you can hear the moment the American astronauts pass over the Cornish Earth station.

This SpaceX map shows the orbital path of the Demo-2 Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station - it tracked directly over Goonhilly Earth Station.. Credit: SpaceX

It’s been non-stop really, the space industry plans its work over a long period, its an industry which carries on despite of recessions, despite of pandemic and we’ve been picking up a lot of new business here at Goonhilly over the last few weeks.

Ian Jones, CEO, Goonhilly