A surfer from St Agnes who nearly drowned in the sea off Porthtowan Beach has told ITV News that he is lucky to be alive.

Jonathan Davies blacked out whilst surfing two weeks ago, it took at least six other surfers, the RNLI lifeboat from St Agnes and the Coastguard Helicopter to rescue him and transfer him to Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Jonathan says he remembers nothing from the 25 May when his accident happened, or the day before.

Jonathan Davies speaking to ITV News about his rescue. Credit: ITV News

He told ITV News: "I remember waking up in Intensive Care on Tuesday [26 May] trying to make sense of how I got there and what on earth happened.

"Obviously other people have filled in the gaps, I was found face down in the water, unconscious and then a really amazing crew of people saved me, without whom I would not be here today."

I literally owe my life to those people.

Jonathan Davies, Surfer

Surfer Steve England and his 18-year-old son Alfie were the first to spot Jonathan in the water.

Surf journalist Steve England was one of the first people to spot Jonathan in the water. Credit: ITV News

Another friend called Chris made the bold and brave decision that probably saved my life to give me mouth to mouth in the water, whilst fighting a rip current and big waves, that was one of the key things to really pull me through, a big decision in Covid.

Jonathan Davies, Surfer

Steve, Alfie and Chris, along with five others, helped drag Jonathan onto the beach, the RNLI Lifeboat from St Agnes then arrived and gave Jonathan oxygen before the coastguard helicopter transferred him to Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Jonathan Davies recovering at Royal Cornwall Hospital. Credit: Jonathan Davies

I thinks it’s as close a call as you can possibly get really and I can’t remember a single thing about it, so it’s hard to digest and qualify and quantify, but I am very clear that I wouldn’t be here without any of those amazing people. T

Jonathan Davies
Jonathan says he will surf again but only when he's fully recovered and ready. Credit: Jonathan Davies

Jonathan’s been surfing for more than 20 years and says this experience will not stop him surfing forever.

I’ll take it slowly and I’ll also remember to always surf with a good bunch of friends to make sure they keep an eye on me.

Jonathan Davies
Jonathan is now back home with his wife Victoria and his children Sam and Alex. Credit: Jonathan Davies