Public warned to stay off Devon beach after spate of cliff falls

A cliff fall sent a large plume of dust over the town of Sidmouth in April.

Visitors have been warned to stay away from a Devon beach following a spate of cliff falls.

There have been five reported cliff falls along the Sidmouth seafront in the past month.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has installed signs near Sidmouth East beach warning members of the public to stay away.

Warning signs near Sidmouth East beach. Credit: ITV News

It is thought the recent falls are due to prolonged dry weather.

In May, [three cliff falls were reported in the space of 24 hours](http://Three cliff falls in Sidmouth within 24 hours) after two landslides during the week before.

The Sidmouth and East Beach Management Plan (BMP) scheme aims to reduce the risk of flooding in the town, and the rate of erosion to the cliffs.

But the EDDC spokesperson warned the scheme cannot stop all cliff falls from happening, and said members of the public should avoid visiting nearby beaches.

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If a cliff fall does occur, and you suspect that someone has been injured, call 999 immediately.